The following very important notification has been received from ANCCE:

Remember to pay and process inscriptions before the 31st December 2010. As it has been announced on several occasions, the idea is to establish penalties for those applications made once the deadline has been missed.

"All equines shall be identified before December 31 of the year that equine was born or within six months of the date of birth, being able to select the latest date, and, in any case, before the said equine leaves the farm where it was born."

In the case of PRE horses, and for foals born in 2011, the established deadline, discounting the necessary time for processing registrations are as follows:

In 2011, should you request the registration of a foal after the deadline above explained, the breeder must pay a penalty fee as EXPIRED REGISTRATION. This fee will be applicable as of the deadline and the amount will be established by the ANCCE Executive Board.

Thank you very much