In response to reports that have appeared recently in the equestrian media, announcing implementation of “would-be registers” for Spanish Horses in Spain by Premundial through the firm MELPI, the Spanish National PRE Breeders’ Association would like to state:

 - That ANCCE is the only organization recognized by Spain’s Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Resources (MARM), to issue official documents for Purebred Spanish Horses.  

- That the Purebred Spanish Horse is the genetic and historic heritage of the Spanish State, whose current registers are handled by ANCCE, by means of express entrustment of MARM.  

- That Premundial is a US institution, with no type of official recognition and that is not recognized in the catalog of pure breeds in Spain.  

- That in the Premundial registration models that appear in the media, Section II appears in the passports; legally, this Section is reserved by the laws of Spain for the association officially recognized to handle a breed.  

- ANCCE has denounced these facts before the Ministry and reserves any and all legal action within its reach to avoid this competitive impersonation by an institution that fails to comply with any of the laws of Spain.    

- Likewise, and given that the firm MELPI provides coverage for this situation, which in any event is irregular, and that leads to confusion and could cause PRE breeders serious damage, ANCCE has decided to exclude both this firm and all those linked to the said firm.   Thus, within the ANCCE Spanish National Championships for PRE Stallions and Mares, those competitions in which the Secretariat or any other related activity is carried out by this company or people linked to it, will not be included as an approved or authorized firm as it is promoting divisions within the sector and attacking the legitimate competencies of our Association.  

- In due course, ANCCE will publish the list of approved companies and people to act as secretariat at competitions included in the 2011 ANCCE Spanish National Championships, in accordance with the mandates laid out in the Competition Rules and Regulations published by this Association.  

The ANCCE Executive Committee

Inmaculada Rodríguez

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