Dear P.R.E. Owners and Breeders,

1. This will be my last correspondence to you. As of 14th April, 2010, I have officially resigned as the Registrar and as one of the Directors for P.R.E.A.A.. This is due to unforseen personal circumstances.

2. For your information, the EOI (Expression of Interest) to fill the role of registrar that was sent out to you all, was closed as of last Sunday, 11th April, 2010. No one responded. This is very sad as everyone wants the service of their documentation to be processed to ANNCE LGPRE LIBRO GENEALÓGICO in SPAIN, but no one wants the responsibility to do the role. Currently P.R.E.A.A. is negotiating a possible replacement. P.R.E.A.A. will inform you as developments arise. Keep an eye on the website for any news of the latest information.   

During this transition period, please allow the current P.R.E.A.A. Directors the grace and acceptance of time to process paperwork. ANCCE have been informed and are fully aware of the current situation and will be allowing P.R.E.A.A. time to process documentation.

Remember, the Directors are all volunteers giving up our precious time gratis to provide you with a service. Please appreciate how difficult it is to manage the amount of P.R.E. there are now in Australia. Many years of work have been put in to have the P.R.E. in Australia, registered in the ANNCE LGPRE LIBRO GENEALÓGICO in SPAIN. Please support the association.

3. For future correspondence all paperwork and payments are to be sent to the temporary contact:
Catherine Jones,
P.O. Box 177,
Lancefield, VIC, 3435.
PH:  03 5429 1440

Note: all inquires are to go through P.R.E.A.A., not ANCCE.
DO NOT SEND ANY MORE paperwork to me please, as I shall forward it on to Catherine.

All the new Passports and Ownerships Cards currently held in the National Office will be sent out to you in A4 Registered Post Envelopes. When you receive them please return the favour by replacing the A4 Registered Post Envelopes to P.R.E.A.A.

I wish to thank every one for all your support and help during my time in the role as Registrar and as one of the Directors of P.R.E.A.A.. I have learned many things from all of you about the P.R.E. and have meet many people through the network of P.R.E. both here in Australia and from people overseas. It has been a great experience.
Kind regards,
Victoria Oska,
Ex P.R.E.A.A. Director and Registrar 2008-2010


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