Please find attached important information with regards to the new European Union rules and regulations now in effect:


As you know, on the 6th of June 2008, the European Commission published Regulation n∫ 504/2008 (the complete text can be viewed at:, regulation or if you prefer the English version, go to:, which refers to the identification methods for equines. This regulation is applicable throughout the European Union as of the 1st of July, 2009.


Those horses born outside of the EUROPEAN UNION are also handled by the LG-PRE-ANCCE and they are, therefore, subject to the same terms as those of breeders from the European Union, since we, as the administrative body for all breeders, are obliged to supply the annual details of our activities. The PRE documentation (in other words, the issuing of passports) is not in danger outside of the EU. Although it is thought that once the Spanish RD has been applied and, by virtue of this, there will be penalizations established for any application registered later than the established deadlines.


Within the EU, we will not be able to accept any registrations after the established deadline, as this would be breaking the law. However, breeders may request the registration of these horses after the established deadline, once the said horse/s has been documented by their respective country.


Outside of the EU, we cannot refuse to accept registrations that have missed the deadline. For the time being, there is no penalty fee for late registration of horses. However, I reiterate that the idea is to establish penalties for those applications made once the deadline has been missed.


I hope that this has clarified any doubts that many of you have had recently.


All the best


Arancha RodrÌguez Sainz de los Terreros

¡rea Internacional Libro GenealÛgico PRE ANCCE


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