Dear Breeder/Owner,
PREAA have been petitioning Spain for further PRE eligibility of horses in Australia. This has been a long, slow process, but bit by bit we are making ground.

In 2005 when the Cria Caballar/FESCCR closed its registers for the Spanish Stud Book to further horses in Australia (allowing only progeny of those already approved for breeding to be registrable in the Spanish Stud Book) there were certain conditions of that closure that allowed some further horses to go through.

We had this information put to a meeting of ANCCE (the current keepers of the Stud Book) at the end of January and ANCCE have decided to uphold these closure conditions of 2005. This means that there will be horses that are eligible in Australia under these conditions.

The conditions are attached for you, but are outlined here also:

  1. Horses CONCEIVED between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2004 which have not been valorated for whatever reason, and which are progenies of identified stallions and mares, may be inscribed under the following circumstances:
  2. Stallions and mares born after the closure date may only be inscribed in the Birth Register when they comply with the general conditions set in Article 7 of the Spanish Legislation Royal Decree 1133/2002 of 31 October. Due to the special conditions existing in Australia and New Zealand, with no nominated authorised personnel, the horses applying to the corresponding Association will be able to be identified within the established timeframe of six months, even though they might not be at the foot of the mother.
  3. Birth inscriptions for adult horses, that is, horses born before 1 November 2003,may only be carried out under the conditions set for žoutside the specified timeframeÓ which will be provided for by Spanish Legislation. In the same manner, it will be possible to identify and valorate IAP horses under the conditions of žoutside the specified timeframeÓ Inscriptions.
  4. Under no circumstance will foals of IAP horses, CONCEIVED after the closing date of 31 December 2004, be eligible to be inscribed in the Birth Register.

If you think that you have a horse that is eligible, please contact the office on 03 5236 3311 or, or myself on 0427 78 3344 or

We will be paperwork that we will need to have filled out for these horses, then we will need to create covering certificates for them, and send on to Spain so they can determine eligibility.

This is great news for horses in Australia and we need to act on it immediately!

Kind regards
Catherine Jones


fesscr conditions of stud book closure 2005.pdf


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