In May 2008, the LG PRE ANCCE organized the first valoration visit for Australian based horses.


We are proud to announce that for the very first time, the valoration visit was organized in collaboration by the two existing associations: the PREAA (PRE Association of Australia) and ACPRE Australia Inc. (AsociaciÛn de Caballos de Pura Raza EspaÒola Australia Inc.).

(ACPRE Australia had been the collaborating association with the previous administration, but when in 2007 ANCCE took over the management of the stud book, they gave PREAA and their breeders the opportunity to also work with them.)


Due to past conflict we were initially apprehensive in working together, however, it became very obvious that this is the most beneficial way forward for the PRE breed as a whole. The insistence of the LG PRE ANCCE in working with both associations, especially in the organization of this valoration visit has been a very successful experience and has started a process of building trust which we sincerely hope will continue to grow so we can finally see the unification of breeders and friends of the PRE horse here in Australia.


The visiting ANCCE veterinarian was Maria Rocio Lopez Rodriguez. Rocio arrived in Australia from New Zealand on 19 May, and spent the next 8 days travelling around Australia. Rocio was an absolute pleasure to deal with, worked tirelessly, and we hope she enjoyed her short time here in Australia.


The valoration visited 8 locations. Two venues in Queensland: one near Brisbane and the other in Far North Queensland at Cairns. Two venues in New South Wales: one at Sydney, and the other at Blayney in the west. Two venues in Victoria: one west of Melbourne the other south east of Melbourne at Koo Wee Rup. Only one horse/venue in South Australia, and the final viewing was in Perth, Western Australia. We have many inscriptions awaiting processing at LG PRE ANCCE which means the next trip will see more horses viewed.


As a point of interest, Australia is almost 12 times the size of Spain!


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