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Dear Victorian Breeder,


The revision process is being finalised for 2008. We were informed that if the inscription paperwork was in the system horses could

be revised, but this is not now the case. Only horses that hold a current passport are able to be revised this year 2008.


The good news Spain will come yearly for revision from now on. So all eligible horses that have recently applied for inscription, your revision will

be in 2009.   If you have paid for this revision in advance, I will refund your money.


Each state has a maximum of 2 locations, in Victoria the locations are to be   1 - Werribee Park Equestrian Centre, and the other location is

at   2 -  El Caballero Stud of Pat & Tom Ball. The dates are at this stage are 21st - 23rd May, we are hoping to finalise this by the weekend.

 Please could you email me at which location you will be presenting your horse.  If you have any queries please contact me.


I will email exact date and time as soon as it is available.


Kind regards

Gail Hoiles


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