Covering Certificate Request

The stallion owner must provide the mare owner a covering certificate AFTER the mare is confirmed in foal, and BEFORE the foal is born. (For mares being leased, please see womb rental section below - timelines are much tighter for this.)

Only stallion owners can request/produce covering certificates for stallions currently owned by them.

Stallion owners can log into ANCCE's website and produce covering certificates for the current breeding year only (1 January - 31 December). If you need your login you will need to contact the office and use the instructions attached.

If a certificate is required for a previous calendar year for the covering, the Registrar at PREAA's office will need to create one for you - fee is $10 per certificate and by completing the attached form and emailing back to or by mail.

Covering Certificate Request Form

Application for Breeder Code

Update Data Form


Breeder Code Application – Service code 700

You will need to fill out an International Application for Service form as a “cover page”. The cost for this code is $400 - a once off fee (current as at January 2018).

The forms are here, including examples on how to fill them out:

International Application for Service form

Breeder Code Application

example form for 700 service

Update Data Form


Owner code Service Code 802

Please note, this code is if you only plan on riding, however if you have any intentions of breeding later on or requesting any other service for this horse, you are best to get a full breeder code at the outset.

If you do change from an owner code to a full breeder code down the track you will need to pay the full breeder code fee, and transfer every horse out of your owner code to your breeder code at a cost of $100 per horse (current fees). Also, you can only present a horse for valoration under a full breeder code.

Fill out the forms outlined above for a full breeder code using the examples there, this time using service code 802. The fee for an owner code is $100.


Transfer of Ownership – service code 619

When a horse is purchased and all payments are made, the seller of the horse MUST hand over the passport, and sign over the Ownership Card to the new owner.

The ownership card is a buff coloured card that is a "tear out" first page of the passport, or if the horse has been sold previously, will be separate to the passport. It is entitled "Carta de Titularidad" or more recently "Carta de Propiedad". On the reverse of the card the seller must sign in the left hand box, and the purchaser in the right hand box. If this has not been done, the purchaser must return this to the seller to complete before it is sent to the office.

To transfer a horse, there are two things you need to do:

  1. apply for a breeder (or owner) code (see above)
  2. Do the transfer of ownership paperwork and pay the fee.

For the Transfer of Ownership, fill out the International Application for Service form using service code 619 for transfer of ownership. Put the horse's name and passport number in the middle section, and sign at the bottom left.

Then, send the following to the office:

International Application for Service form

Example for 619 service


Inscription – service code 103 – foals under 12 months of age

You will need to fill out an International Application for Service form using service code 103.

Post the above with the fee of $290 to the office - can be scanned and emailed, but please post the original forms as well. The fee can be paid online but please make sure you use your name as a reference so we know who has paid.

International Application for Service form

Inscription example

completed covering certificate for 103 service


Late Inscription service code 127 for foals/horses over 12 months of age

Please complete as for Inscription code 103 above, but change the service code to 127 for a late inscription.

Attach or pay online the $580 fee.


Valoration – service code 206

You will need to fill out an International Application for Service form:

The fee for this varies from year to year, depending on the number of horses and locations we need to travel to.  You will be advised closer to time of the fee that is being charged for this service.

International Application for Service form

Valoration example for 206 service


Womb Rental (or lease of mare)

If you lease a mare, the lessee can now be listed as the "breeder" of the foal as long as this process is followed.

The consequence of this form not getting to Spain 8 months prior to the birth of the foal is that the foal will be "bred" by the mare owner, not the "Lessee" on its paperwork. Of course both the mare owner and lessee must have full breeder codes with ANCCE.

There is no fee for this form.

Womb Rental Agreement


Colour Analysis Application – Service code 243

You will need to fill out an International Application for Service form:

Please send send the form and the horse's passport to the office for this service, as the passport gets sent to Spain to be updated.

The fee for this service is $150 per horse.

International Application for Service form

Valoration example for 243 service



Mare leases are covered above under the Womb Rental agreement.

Please note, the owner of the stallion is the ONLY person who can request and sign off on covering certificates.

Please make sure you have a good agreement in place for this so there are no issues on the Lessee requesting covering certificates from the stallion owner for future registrations.